Laptop Upgrades
  • Increasing memory capacity, with larger volume hard drives (HDD) or faster load times with a Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Improve general performance by increasing the amount of RAM (processing memory)
  • Adding a Graphics card, or GPU, to deliver better visual performance for games and high definition video. This can also allow for multiple displays, which are fantastic for users who use their PC for gaming or power-intensive programs
  • Replacing or adding an additional optical drive, for example a Blu-ray player or writer, to expand the media options on your device
  • Processor upgrades, although possible, rely heavily on the type of motherboard already in the computer. If the motherboard is incompatible, it would perhaps make more sense to opt for a new PC build, or purchase a new pre-built system
  • An upgraded power supply is often required when introducing a component with a high-power draw, such as a graphics card.
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